7 ways to keep your marketing healthy during COVID-19

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7 ways to keep your marketing healthy during COVID-19

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My team put this together last week, and I thought you may enjoy it.

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused an abrupt shift in consumer priorities. That means the marketing strategy that once worked for your company needs to be shifted too. We’ve compiled the best actions you should take now to set your company up for long-term success.

1. Focus on your Team

The first thing to consider when the economy shifts is how it affects your team. Think about your team members as the foundation on which you’re building your marketing plan. Without a strong company culture, even the best marketing initiatives will not succeed.

A pivot on strategy can make people nervous, so it’s a good idea to make sure everyone is in the loop before you jump feet-first into a new marketing procedure. Keep morale high by checking in and making sure everyone on the team is on the same page before you run with any updated strategy.

2. Focus on your Customers

The number one way to keep your business successful is to prioritize your customers’ success. Don’t be afraid to reach out to them to get feedback directly. Sending out customer surveys is a great way to determine what’s working, and what strategies could use an update.

Once you’ve identified your happy customers, reach out for referrals and reviews!  Your current customers can play a major role in spreading the word about what you have to offer. Reaching out about customer reviews on Google My Business or Clutch.co are easy ways to increase your credibility based on real-life customer experiences.

3. Communicate with Your Customers through Social Media

One thing social distancing has brought us is an increase in social media surfing. By leveraging this increase in browsing, you will boost your visibility and increase brand awareness. There are multiple opportunities for businesses affected by the COVID-19 crisis to maintain a healthy social media marketing presence even if times are tough:

4. Paid Search Strategy: Identify What’s Working

While it may seem counter intuitive from a budgeting standpoint, paid search shouldn’t stop when the economy dips. The more you can get in front of your customers now, the healthier your online presence will be in the long run.

Discover the best resources for your PPC strategy:

  • Take advantage of the Google Ads Credit Toward Small Businesses: Google is offering $340 million in credits to support small businesses and crisis response. Ad accounts will receive a notification of eligibility some time in Q2.
  • Read about the 8 Takeaways for B2B Advertisers: Step back from the “hard sell” in ad messaging, and consider offering longer trials for SaaS offerings.
  • Focus on ad copy: Now is a good time to focus on messaging. Empathize with your customers and use tools like Google Trends to find shifts in search interests.

5. Optimize your Website

If search volume in your market is down, now may be the best opportunity to update your website or migrate to a better server without heavily impacting conversions. Take advantage of this time to make all the big moves you’ve been wanting to make:

  • Site Migrations: Site migrations can temporarily impact rankings, but they’re a great way to set you up for improved rankings in the long run. If you’ve wanted to make a big server change or redesign your website, now is a low-risk time to do it.
  • Evergreen Content: Start by performing a content audit on your site. Do you have the best product landing pages you possibly can? Do you have a clear voice that represents your brand? If not, spend some time creating conversion-friendly content so it can start proactively gaining traction on search engines.

6. Consider your Long-term Strategy

A solid marketing plan should not change from month to month. Even if you’re not getting as many leads as you normally do this time of year, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time for a new strategy. Take this time to invest in long-term goals:

  • Focus on Branding: Now’s the time to make an impression on people so they will come back to you when the market is healthy again. Even if you’re not getting the lead now, you can get your brand voice out there via social media or email blasts to make an impression on future customers.
  • Keep messaging consistent: It’s okay to talk about the current crisis. Just make sure you do it in a way that’s true to your messaging. If you’ve never posted a blog before this, find a different way to assure clients you’re still here for them, like a social media post or updated CTA links.

7. Partnerships

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in; no company can succeed on their own. One of the most underrated ways to get ahead in your industry is by aligning yourself with other companies that have similar goals. Working with a third party marketing company will give you reliable feedback you may not have otherwise considered. Utilize this time to find the best partnerships for your company’s values so you can climb back from the economic dip stronger than before.


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