Linking Solutions


With the selection of Del Richardson & Associates, Inc. you are choosing an experienced team of professionals and right-of-way experts who are committed to completing a project on time and within budget. Our services include:

 Public Affairs 

Community Outreach-  Develop a rapport with the communities affected by a project, executes strategic communication programs to build community awareness of a diverse range of projects and events.

Stakeholder Engagement- Inform, educate, and earn the buy in of state, local, elected officials, appointed officials, community organizers/activists, corporate leaders, community members- a whole community of people that make up the community of stakeholders 

Initiatives & Public Policies- Regulatory compliance can be complicated.  Sorting through the various initiatives, laws, regulations, municipal codes, ordinances, policies and interpreting competing and conflicting regulations and policies requires precise navigation and consensus amongst the project owner, developer and regulatory entities.  DRA implements its universal experience to interpret and uncomplicate the plethora of laws involve, as well as sets policies where “gray” areas exist

Right of Way 

Impact Studies- Research, assess, and document how a project affects or will affect its stakeholders 

Property Acquisitions- Negotiate for real property rights for governmental/quasi-governmental entities, both under the Uniform Act and for non-federally funded projects 

Title Curative & Closing- Facilitate quick, efficient answers to conveying clear title

Relocation Assistance (RSO, State and Federal)- Provide essential services to displaced businesses, diverse in type, use, and size that have been affected by various types of development projects.  DRA is of the few teams that specialize in complex business relocations, advisory services, including innovative home ownership programs

Business Goodwill- Analyze companies’ overall value in preparation for acquisition

Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E) – Document, inventory, and appraise non-permanent items from the project area for relocation

Housing Programs 

Tenant Liaison- Serves as a middleman between tenants and landlords or agencies to facilitate understanding of and the ease of access to housing resources and/or relocation assistance 

Tenant-Landlord Negotiations- Facilitate reaching an agreement between renters and owners for any minor or major disputes that may arise 

Housing Locator Services- Research and refer prospective tenants and homeowners to available properties that fit their criteria

Landlord Concierge- Provide interim property management services 

Tenant Buyout Agreements- Negotiate, draft and execute the settlement terms between landlord and tenant in exchange for the tenant vacating the landlord’s property

Workforce Development 

Local Hire for Programs & Reporting- Recruit, match prospective employees with employers, and coordinate job training for clients seeking to hire and train workers who live within Economically Disadvantaged Areas close to the client project site.

 Business Solution Services- Survey, assess, research current industry standards, trends and entitlement, business interruption mitigation, corporate structure analysis, marketing feasibility studies, business goodwill evaluations, leasehold bonus values and  interest, sales and negotiations, tenant improvements, procurement opportunities, assets inventory, financial controls, operation and management oversight, personal vs. real property values, move planning, coordination of various specialty services and business reestablishment services.